About Tri County Care

Tri County Care serves the NY metro area (Region 4) including Brooklyn, New York City, Staten Island, Bronx, and Queens. We also serve (Region 3) which includes the Capital region, the Hudson Valley and Taconic areas, and (Region 5), which encompasses Long Island. We are comprised of a network of 45 providers. The founders of Tri County Care, the NYSHA association, have been supporting people with I/DD for over 25 years. Their mission and ours is about helping people lead lives of their choosing.

Tri County care has its headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. Tri County currently has a regional office in Albany and will have regional offices in numerous other areas that we serve.

Tri County & You - What’s Ahead

The new model of care coordination will NOT result in any loss of services. Our care coordinators will assist you and your support team in creating a plan that addresses your goals, values, and cultural and familial needs. The integration of wellness and community services is about you. Your life. You will gain knowledge about preventative health services as well as resources designed to meet your interests and strengths. Together with our diverse array of providers, we will implement best practice and bring you exceptional care. A life plan. A resource. A support. A network. A movement- and it’s all about you.

Tri County, focused on you.